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Fostering a Culture of Compassion

For some employees, a typical day at the office might begin with a barrage of work-related questions from impatient colleagues who have been awaiting their arrival. For others, it might start off with a series of cheerful greetings from co-workers, questions about how their family members are doing or perhaps an offer to grab a…
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Stop and Watch Early Warning Tool

Pennsylvania Health Care Association Center for Assisted Living Management  (PHCA CALM) encourages the use of this tool by providers to residents of Assisted Living Facilities, feel free to download it and use in your facility. Click Here to download: Stop and Watch Early Warning Tool Single
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Camouflaged Dementia Exit Doors

For our clients who provide care for those with Alzheimer and Dementia.  We thought this was worth sharing. Recently, Rick Shay was helping one of our clients when he noticed an artist painting the exit doors from their secured unit. The artist explained painting a mural on the exit doors reduces the need for employees…
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On Leadership: Things a Great Boss Always Does

When we recently asked our Facebook and Twitter followers what a great boss never does, our readers were not shy about letting us know what kind of person they don't want occupying the corner office. We got some great answers, such as, A great boss never… “assumes he or she is the smartest person in…
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