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The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned as a CEO

I was recently invited to join the CEO of a Silicon Valley tech company for a fireside chat at his annual global leadership summit. He's been interviewing other CEOs at the event for years as he and his team value hearing the perspectives, experiences, and best practices of other companies. He did a great job…
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Five Bosses You Don’t Want (Or Want to Be)

What is lousy leadership? Here are a few of the most common ways leaders can get it wrong and too often do. The first and perhaps most frustrating way that some people blow leadership is by being know-it-alls. They can tell you how the world works, what corporate is thinking, how it will backfire if…
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How I Hire: The Must-Haves, the Definitely-Should-Haves and the Game-Changer

Great article from Jack Welch, Founder, Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. Here is an excerpt: Hiring? What a great problem to have. It can only mean your organization is growing, which is terrific, or that you’ve got an existing position you can now fill with an even bigger dose of talent than before. Either way,…
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