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*· The calculators compare your workers’ compensation experience to one of the following standards.

· The MOD Calculator will estimate your potential savings based on a target MOD rating of 0.750. If your MOD is currently below 0.750 you are doing well and should be earning discounts on your Workers’ Compensation premiums. If your MOD is higher than 0.750, and you want to lower your work comp premiums, we invite you to contact us right away for your free consultation.

Disclaimer: All potential savings estimates are approximate. Your results may vary.  In addition to the MOD there are several other variables that can impact your Workers’ Compensation premium.  Some of the other variables include credits and debits given by your insurance carrier and state regulations.

· The self-insured (No MOD) calculator estimates your potential savings based on a target of $100 of Workers’ Compensation expenses per employee/ per year.  The $100 of Work Comp expenses per employee is not a goal for our clients.  As safety professionals our goal is Zero Injuries.  Many clients have gone years without a lost-time claim and spend much less than $100 per employee per year.  If you are averaging less than $100 per employee/ per year you are probably doing better than many employers.  Based upon our experience, if you are spending $100 or more per employee/ per year then your company and employees may be at risk.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation.

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